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  1. Fascinating. I am amazed that there were so many communities living in harmony at such a distant time in and around kollam.
    I would request you to keep me posted on the latest development in this sphere.

  2. Amazing to findout a great deal of work on tharisapally sasanam,a very authetic research work,but a lot more to be seriously researched about this place, i am working on this part since last 20 years.Currently dreadging going on at Kollam port area revealing alot more of kollam’s history as pottery pieces artifacts and coins of old age.even paleolithic underwater(below sea bed tools) identified from this place.wish to be a part of the team for futher studies/research
    Manoj kini,Asst Professor,Dept of Architecture,CET Trivandrum

  3. Interesting that the Quilon plates are being studied in detail. It gives a fascinating insight into an era of international trade and migrations, including the early Christian dwellers of that part of the world. Having studied Kerala history, the recent findings in Quilon from the sea has me quite excited. The discovery is testimony of the vast treasure that the sea holds just few miles from the Kerala coast. The sea holds the secrets of quite a few historical cities, I imagine! Keep up the good work!


  4. On January 3, 1653 under the leadership of Archeadeacon Thomas and Anjilimoottil Itty Thomman Kathanar (a Knanaya Priest from Kallissery wearing the hat ) a multitude of about 25,000 Nair Christians assembled at the Church of Deva Mata in Mattanchery near Cochin. The Priests leaders and the people gatherd near a big granite cross in the church grounds, since all the people could not touch the cross simultaneously, they all held onto ropes that were tied to the cross in all directions. They then took the historical oath to break free from the clutches of the Roman supremacy and follow only the Malankara Nampoothiri traditions

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